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The first Tubeless Ready disc wheel made of carbon – more robust, lighter, faster! Disc wheel...more
Product information Disc Wheel DW 20" TL

The first Tubeless Ready disc wheel made of carbon – more robust, lighter, faster!

Disc wheel isn´t equal to any other disc wheel. Propulsion, speed, aerodynamics, light weight, robustness and more safety. In short: No compromises.
The Tubeless ready carbon disc wheel of the brand BEAST Components sets new standards in terms of safety, stability and weight.
By using the Tubeless Ready Technology and its high quality and robustness the wheel doesn´t warp or bounce even at very high paces and even steep and fast
turns can be made without delay of the wheels. Due to the missing imbalance it is possible to achieve significantly higher paces. The wheel is spinning perfectly.
Early ending of races due to broken spokes is a thing of the past with the BEAST disc wheel. However, the increased safety and the associated minimization of the
risk of injury doesn´t reduce the performance - on the contrary: „I need much less strength for he same speed. It is even possible to achieve higher velocities compared
to normal wheels. This disc wheel really stands out!“ Errol Marklein/ Sunrise Medical

BEAST Components is the product of a fascination for carbon. The company was founded in 2016 in Dresden, Germany, where it is still based today.
Every product is conceived, developed, manufactured and tested at this location. The original team are all expert lightweight construction engineers
educated at Germany’s leading educational institution for lightweight construction in Dresden. After finishing their studies, they worked on
lightweight construction projects in the automotive, marine and aerospace sectors.

The main aim of BEAST is to combine quality, durability and minimum weight. The entire value chain of the products is in their own hands: BEAST do the design, engineering,
manufacturing and test every single product in their own facilities. Every product is handmade in Germany.

size: 20"
rim width: 25 mm
weight per wheel: 690g
weight per wheel set: 1380g
material: Carbon
range of use: Handcycle
finish: SQ black
Incluse: trough axle, bearing, valve
weight tolerance: 5%
weight limit: none
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