'Curve L Tetra Grip' Hand Rims

In the middle of last year (2014), Carbolife asked us, the TetraTeam, if we would like to test their new Curve L Tetra Grip handrim. 

Shortly after that, we received two pairs of them for testing. The first impression was somewhat strange. As it was wider than the mounted tire, the handrim was an unusual sight at first.

However, the handling experience was fantastic. Compared to conventional handrims, its profile is considerably wider increasing the contact area for the hand on the handrim. Thus, even for those without any finger function, the grip is increased significantly, which is, as we know, the most important aspect when it comes to propelling a wheelchair.

There is a Martin Schut coating on the Curve L Tetra Grip. Having been tried and tested with conventional handrims for several years now, it is one of the few coatings with excellent grip properties that also improves with age.

The combination of a larger gripping surface and a good coating, indeed, helps to achieve a much better propulsion of the wheelchair, as the contact to the wheelchair is very good even without any finger function. 

Our conclusion: We can recommend this product wholeheartedly


Bernd Jost

Your TetraTeam

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